Choose one of the following cultural regions - Northwest Coast, California, Plateau, Great Basin, Great Plains, Southwest, Southeast, or Eastern Woodlands - and identify/describe an artifact that was or may have been discovered in that region.  Write a paragraph (SCR) about your artifact that includes the following:
  • describes how it is made
  • explains its uses
  • explains how it shows adaptation to that cultural region
Do NOT copy any ideas from previous posts.  Your paragraph will be graded on the content and how well it is written.

Due Friday, August 26 by midnight.
Mrs. Wykstra Sample
8/24/2011 07:07:50

In the southwest region, the remains of an adobe structure were found. The structure was made from a minimal wood frame and covered with sun-dried brick. It is believed this structure was a primary residence and a storage facility. The use of adobe brick demonstrated adaptation by using the natural resources available.

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8/24/2011 10:52:57

In the Great Plains region, the remains of a tipi were found. A tipi is a structure made of buffalo tendons tied to the skins around a tall cone of branches. Believed by many a tipi was a dwelling for an American Indian family. The use of the tipi provided an adaptation by using the natural resources like wood and buffalo.

dakota.b 1st period
8/24/2011 10:54:15

in the california region, paviut staffs were found. the staffs or wands were made out of wood,rock or is believed that boys were given these wile following initiation into manhood. the use of paviut staffs demonstrated adaptation by using natural resourses and for hunting game.

ryan r.-4
8/24/2011 11:07:04

In the great plains buffalo were used for almost everything. Tendons were used as thread to sew clothes. They built their homes using buffalo tendons.Buffaloes were also used to make shields, containers, clothes, and bedding. Tools they used were spears, bone scrapers, bows, and arrows.

Collin.M 3
8/24/2011 11:07:30

In the Northwest coast region rectangular houses were found. The houses was made of long flat pieces of wood.These houses were made to live in for a long time so the American indians could use the structures for storage purposes and to live in. These houses show how the American indians adapted by their environmnet by using the forest trees to build their homes.Soil staines from the rotted wood show that houses were built.

3/30/2013 22:53:37

Thank you so much for this it helped me complete my project! :)

paige s p.3
8/24/2011 11:18:45

In the Plateau region, the remains of a woven basket were found. this woven basket was made of wood and were decorated with seeds and shells.It is belived that these baskets were use for carring food or cloths. The use of these wooden woven baskets demonstrated adaptation by using the natural resources available

emma w
8/19/2012 13:07:01

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8/24/2011 11:28:28

In the Northwest coast region stone knives, these knives might have been found. The knives were made from either fish or deer bone and a peice of carved rock.The knives was used for to cut up the animals they killed. Also to carve harpoons for harpoon fishing. This knives show an adabtation by evolving the way they can kill the animals.

2/20/2013 09:54:51

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8/24/2011 11:30:10

In the southwest coast region brick houses were fromed by the native americans. All of the the Americans wo lived in the southwest clothing weere made out of cotton. Lso what may have been disscorved in the southwest was a corn grinders that the Native Americans used. Some of these artifacts were found in the southwest thats how most people know that Native Americans lived in the southwset.

Tifani.K 3
8/24/2011 11:37:21

In the Great Basin the people there discovered Nets and Sharp Sticks so that they can hunt animals, such as rabbits. How these certain tools were created was by sticks that they made. How the people in the Great Basin used these sharp tools was because they needed to survive. So when they find rabbits they kill them and trap them in the net so they can eat and make clothes out of the rabbit skin.

Yesenia.S 2
8/24/2011 12:09:51

The great plains did not have much trees, so they used Buffalo poop,brains, and skin; for fire. They bulit their house out of mud bricks. The First Americans mostly ate nuts, brerries, and meat buy buffalo. Tools are spears, bowarrow, and other traps.

Omar.C 2
8/24/2011 13:02:59

Antoinette.C 3
8/24/2011 13:10:48

The Eastern Woodlands was a lot of trees but also have grasslands, and it was 2,000 miles. The house is a renatgle house with a barrel shaped roof. They scraped corn kernels with bone tools and ground the corn between stones. Woman gathered freash greens,nuts,and berries. Men also hunted bears, trapped beavers, cuaght birds in nest, and speared fish.

8/24/2011 13:13:55

the remains of a spear were found in the South West region. The spear was made out of wood with a rock tip. The spear was used mainly for killing buffolos which was there main source of food and life.

Omar.C 2
8/24/2011 13:21:23

In the northwest region the enviorment help then adapt by making knifes out of sharpend stone. The main geographic features of the northwest coast are thick forests of fir. Which allowed them to make fences and houses made out of wood. The american indians would have ate bear,elk,seal,and moose. The indians would have hunted seal and other animal with Harpoons made out of steel.

Cassie K. 4
8/24/2011 13:26:12

In the Plateau region, the remains of a pit house were found. Along the rivers, there were many houses built partially underground. It was meant to keep the house warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. The pit houses were build mainly of wood. Scientists looked for soil marks and there were artifacts left inside the main living shelter.

Valeria M. Period 3
8/24/2011 13:38:36

In the California region, several artifacts have been found such as cone- shaped houses covered with bark. These homes were found because of the soil stains in the ground. Another artifact found by the Native Americans were tools made out of deer antlers. These tools were used to cut down slabs of wood in order to build their homes.

Mishaila T. - 4
8/24/2011 13:45:01

In the Plateau region, nets were used for hunting some of their main food source. When the hunters would go to find their food they would use these nets to catch fish and other water creatures they could find. They made these nets out of woven materials so that they could successfully capture their prey and provide the food they needed. Nets were used to provide food and hunting necessities.

Kaitlyn R - Period 1
8/24/2011 13:48:59

In the Southeast region, farming mounds were discovered. In the Southeast region, farming mounds were used to grow corn, beans, and squash. This is also known as the three sisters. The mounds were made by digging basket fulls of dirt and packing them into a single mound. Archaeologists found these mounds and found crop remains under and in the mounds.

Deanna O. 4
8/24/2011 13:53:46

In the California cultural region,the remains of plant based woven baskets were found. California people made very useful items. They used baskets for cooking and storage for essential needs like food. The California people adapted to there environment with the baskets by making them out of plants/bark and would decorate them with clam shells and bird feathers. As you can tell the California people were very educated in using their resources to survive.

Ethan C.-4
8/24/2011 13:54:35

The southeast region archeologists found evidence of massive farming, due to the fertile soil the southeast indians could grow corn twice in one year wich gave them a plentiful of food.

williamB,Period 3
8/24/2011 13:59:02

In the southeast region, there were remains of mounds created by the Cahokia. There were remains of the king at the time. There were also remains of a game that people call Chunkey. The evidence was a spear and tires. The key piece of evidence is a French persons diary. Another piece of evidence is the " Sun Calendar."

Ethan C.-4
8/24/2011 14:02:11

the south east region archeologists found evidence of massive farming, due to the fertile soil the southeast indians could grow corn twice in one year wich gave them a plentiful amount of food. On top of that the southeast indians also hunted Alligators, snakes and even Turtles for more food. The use of fertile land demonstrating the adaptations of the southeast indians by using what was around them

Colby H -4
8/24/2011 14:06:20

in the california reigon mainly the people used rabbits for everything. Other things they used were baskets these baskets were used to gather fruits and other various plants, and some types of meat like rabbits and some fish. the people used all of the rabbit's parts and didnt waste it

8/24/2011 14:20:24

In california, there were lots of thick tall trees. There was also salmon, shellfish, deer, roots, berries, pine nuts, ans acorns. California had dome houses made of bark. The materials they used were grasses and other plants. California also had antlers of deer and elk and they used those as tools. These tools were acually really helpful in this time to survive. The tools were used to kill animals for food. The tools were also used to kut down the skin to use as warmth and clothing.

Shanece S. 1st hour
8/24/2011 14:24:15

The Eastern Woodlanders adapted to their environment, because they would grow cultivated plants such as corn and to be able to get the corn off of the cob they would have to use the jaw bone of a dead animal as a knife. The eastern woodlanders mainly wore animal hides and furs which tells us that there had to be animals around for them to get the fur. Around that area was deers.Their houses were rectangular shaped houses with a barrel shaped roof. The landscape was a forest area that was a little rocky with very little plains.

Joseph G p2
8/24/2011 14:25:45

In Great Basin they have desert Mountain and Sierra lakes. Most of time they eat wild plants and barries and oter type things.Most of time they live in willow poles thats shaped into a cone and covered in reeds.They find fur and plants to wear.They always use sharp sicks to kill things for to also eat.

Kyle D P-3
8/24/2011 14:40:10

Kyle D P-3
8/24/2011 14:45:27

In the plateau region the was proven to be bow and arrows found made from sticks and sharp rocks. The people would use the bow and arrow to go and kill food and or protect them selves against wild animals. The Indians would also wear animal hides as clothing. Their houses were teepees built out of sticks and animal hide. All in all, the Indians were very intelligent people.

Mackenzie M. 3
8/24/2011 15:06:44

In the Great Plains, the Native Americans used buffalo for several different tools and structures. They made their home with the buffalo hides by creating a Tee-pee like structure with wood and draping the animal hides over the tee-pee. The people in the Great Plains also used buffalo for food and clothing. Clearly, the Native Americans have learned to adapt to their environment and use their natural resources very well.

Lucas P. 4 period
8/24/2011 15:18:03

The eastern woodlands used canoes to fish and hunt. The canoe made fishing easier by being on top of the water to through a net to ketch multiple fish at once. they used the deer skin to make their clothing,tools,and ground sheets. Also the canoes made travel easier by moving with the river.

kacey w.-----3
8/24/2011 15:19:17

How did the native americans adapt to their natural resources? Well in the great plains many believe that the indians who lived in the Great plains made teepees out of bisson fur. Wood was very scarce in the plains. therefore to make fire they used bison dung. To hunt the bison they figured out that they can run the indians off the cliffs nearby. To conclude with, you now know how well the indians who lived in the great plains lived off the natural resources that they found.

seth s.p1
8/24/2011 15:42:16

In the Northwest Coast harpoons were made.The harpoons were made of seal bones ,and was mainly used to hunt and kill seals with.This was a help to the adaptation in that region because it was a help to hunting animals for food.

Kristine G. 3rd. Hour
8/24/2011 15:57:04

In the Great Plains, people built houses in a dome shape with bark, mats, animal hides, and leaves over it. It was probably made because it was well structured and the hot air would rise to the top and the cold air would stay on the bottom. This house probably helped these people adapt to their environment better by helping them to adapt to the temperature in this region.

8/24/2011 16:01:11

The Native Americans wore moccasins in the plateau region. Arcgaeologists discoved this when People with a similar culture wore moccasins. Moccasins were used in as clothing to keep yourself warm. They were made by stiching leather together with feathers or other decorative material.

Abigail P p.1
8/25/2011 10:41:43

In the Plateau region, an artifact they used for gathering food was net. The nets that the Plateau region used were woven by animal hides or other sorts of plants that were found there. The people that lived in the Plateau region used these nets to cacth their fish. They would do this by building a mound like hill to go over the streams/ lakes and hidding on them and cacthing them on a sneek capture. This was an adaptation by how they used these nets where every their jorney took them in the Plateau region. Also, the people of the Plateau adapted to using these nets on a daily basis. So in the Plateau region, an artifact that they used to cacth most of their fish is a net.

Dakotah M -1
8/25/2011 11:00:43

In the Eastern Woodlands, men often would paddle large canoes along lakes and rivers. The lakes and rivers produced water and fish, some tribes built their villages near there such as the Iroquois. They had long houses, around 20 feet wide and 100 feet long! Related relatives all had sections to live in. That is why the Eastern Woodlands tribe Iroquois, lived there.

8/25/2011 11:11:18

in the southeast reigion american indians ate mainly cultivated plants. the american indians lived in permanent housing in hide teepes. the american indins in the south esst were advanced people in there time. the indians lived a comfortable life.

Makayla H.1
8/25/2011 11:11:46

In the Great Plains, there is soft soil. water and treeless grasslands. Some artifacts that could be found in this region are bows and arrows. The bows and arrows were used for hunting buffalo and other animals that be found in this region.

noah s p.1
8/25/2011 11:11:49

I chose the Great Plains beacause there is alot of interesting things about the great plains.A adaptation the indians had was buffalo horn.The ways they used buffalo is by bowls and for weapons and to eat.How these things were made is b the bones of different animals like maybe rabbit to carve shave create and alot more things.Thats how the indians in the Great Plains survied and lived off there resources.

skyy f. --1
8/25/2011 11:33:43

In the Northwest Coast, the indians built domes as houses. The dome was made by using the following tools: wedges and sledgehammers.They built domes because it keep them protected, sort of like our houses today give us protection.The indians of the Northwest Coast adapted to their land by eating clams and shellfish and things like that.This enviorment really helped them and the indians had made domes because thats what they felt like would protect them in that kind of enviorment.

nick s. 3rd period
8/25/2011 11:43:05

In the great basian the amercian indians were well adapted to there enviorment. They hunted buffalo but the baffulo were to fast for them so they came up with this smart idea. They would chase the buffalo on horseback to a cliff where they would run the baffulo of the cliff and kill the buffalo who lived from the fall. With there spears. There have been many oral histroies of this happening. In my opion the was a very smart solution to there probblem. They used every part of the buffalo even the stomaches.

julie w p.2
8/25/2011 11:45:18

I chose the California because their idea of useing deers for almost everything. The deers were used as meat,and the antlers for tools such as spears, and farming. Also the hides for tee-pees and cloths to keep them warm at night even for winters.

devyn c p.4
8/25/2011 11:56:53

In the Great Plains you might find bow and arrows. They were made with buffalo parts. Bows and arrows were used to hunt for food. This shows adaptation because they used what they had to make bows to kill more buffalo to get food and make more tools.

carlos N p.4
8/25/2011 12:05:37

The native of american adapted to the Eastern Woodlands enviroment by burnning down trees for farming.Next the women would be hoeing the ground and planting corn at the sametime.To keep the moist on the soil squash was planted in the ground.All in all without this types of farming the indians that live in this erea would never have survvive endless they would be nomatic.

8/25/2011 12:09:55

I chose Southwest Coast because they ate mostly rabbits. The Native Americans used ladders because they had two story buildings. They also used ladders so they could get over hills and mesas. Native Americans made the ladder with wood from the forest. The ladder shows adaptaion to the Southwest Coast by using there natural resources of wood that was in the forest.

Kierstyn J Period1
8/25/2011 13:39:27

The native American region i choose were the Eastern Woodlans.The Eastern Woodlands ate fish,berries,and nuts.The endless forests and lakes/rivers provided them with plenty of shelter and food.In the ground you can find soil markings from the sun dial known from the Native Americans. xD

tromas b p.4
8/25/2011 13:44:21

In the southwest region people mostly ate corn,chilli peppers,and rabbit meat.Also their clothes were made out of buffalo hide and plants.The native americans lived in two story peublos.The native also used the ladders to climb the upper levels.

peyton hp.4
8/25/2011 13:51:10

I choos the california region because there is a great supply of fish. many salmon live in the costal lowlands in california. this gives them a great supply of food and many more recorces. they use baskets when they go out to gather wild berries and roots along with roots and pine nuts.

8/25/2011 14:06:41

The indians in the great plains would hunt buffalos, but they were to fast so the indians came up with a smart idea. the idea was a sharp rock and a peice of bark. the idea was genuis and through out time the bow and arrow was used for lots of things.

8/25/2011 14:26:00

In the southeast region the remains of a rectangular house with a pointed leaf roof was found. it is also beliafed that weman wore deer skin skirts the use of deer skin shows how southeast indians used there natural reasources.Another thing that was found in the southeast region was a hoe it is believed that the men would use it for farming.

Alex D- 2
8/25/2011 14:33:21

The cultural region I chose was the region of California because the native americans of california adapted to their enviorment best. The native americans of california built simple homes because, the climate was mild. In forested areas men would use tools made from the antlers of deer and elk to strip large slabs of bark from redwood trees. The native americans draped these into a cone shaped house. In marshy areas, people draped woven thick mats of reeds over a cone shaped framework of poles.

8/25/2011 14:50:27

In the great plains they had buffalo, the buffalo were killed and eaten but they also used their fur for clothing. When they skinned and ate the bufffalo they used thier bones as sticks to attack rocks and make tools, such as hoes and spears.

8/25/2011 14:53:56


Paul.a p3
8/25/2011 14:57:59

In the Plateau region remains of deerskin clothing was found on the Plateau people. It was found that the clothing was made from hunted deer and antelope. The women would skin the animals to make shirts, shoes, and leggings.

Aaron C1
8/25/2011 15:15:11

The South-Eastern Native Americans knew how to make themselves a decent meal (compared with other native Americans at least). They ate many plants that they've grown themselves, but the animals wandering around would be useless to them if there were no means to hunt. South-Eastern Indians had a small arsenal of hunting weapons. Blowguns were used for smaller animals while bows were used for larger animals such as deer. Wouldn't that extra food be great in the past?

8/25/2011 15:23:03

in the north west people made harpoons out of seal bones they did this so the could hunt and kill seals they killed the seals so that they could have something to eat.The people who killed the seals adapted to this life syle.They had to kill the seals so that the could have some meat and protien. without the food they might die.

Mary D. P.3
8/25/2011 16:04:33

In the southeast the people used hoes to farm with. The had a melthod called the three sisters the first grew corn and then they grew beans. The beans that grew wraped around the corn. At the very bottom they would grow squash, it would have very large leaves to catch any exes water.

Azhada.B p.1
8/25/2011 16:40:02

In California,the American Indians usedbaskets,which was made from wood,the used it to carry clothing and acorn meal to travel.Thats what the American Indians had to do to survive

megan m 1
8/26/2011 08:54:32

in the great plains region they had to use resources like trees. they didnt have any water so they had to adapt to the dry region.they hunted for animals to hunt for food. they also used animals to make clothing and help to survive int eh great plains

Ryker H.-4
8/26/2011 10:39:17

In the southwest region, remains of tools resembling dishes (the corn grinders) were found. Having been made out of clay, these were used to grind corn into a state where they could be made into tortillas. The Indians made the tortillas by grinding the corn and and shoving it into clay ovens. Remains of other crops were also found, including beans and squash, and cotton, which is assumed to be what the southwestern Indians wore, by harvesting it and "sewing", so to speak, it into clothing.

Elijah B.3
8/26/2011 11:05:01

In the Plateau Region, remains of deer skin clothing has been discovered by archeologist for examination. These artifacts are somewhat proof that the women of the American Indian tribes use this material for everyday clothing such as skirts,shirts,and early versions of pants(:

Max C. 4
8/26/2011 11:48:29

In the Great Basin a cone shaped teepee with bark, branches and leaves that was found.The Teepee was specifically used to keep the first americans out of all sorts of weather and temperature drops and rises.

Reagan L. period3
8/26/2011 13:00:55

In the Great Plains the Americamn Indians adapted to their enviorment by, having a dry region because the barly had water.Also,American Indians adpated to there environment by, having to hunt for food and the American Indians wore bufflao skin for clothing.Finally, the American Indians lived in teepee made out of animal skin mainly bufflao.

cameron v
8/26/2011 13:15:15

I choose the eastern woodlands. One artifact that might have been found there would have been a canoe.It would have been made by wood.It was used for traveling in water.

Melgar b
8/26/2011 13:41:35

I choose the great plains. I choose that beacuse one artifact that might have been found was there houses. That have be roted or like in the grass. The workers probly found it by looking at the grass and finding different color grass.

Blane A
8/26/2011 13:52:17

The American Indians of California hunted deer for meat and used the antlers to make tools. They made baskets from plants. The baskets could be used for gathering nuts and berries. The people used bark from trees to make clothes. These are a few ways of how they adapted to their environment.

JeremyC p1
8/26/2011 14:27:18

An artifact from the Eastern Woodlands is Wigwams. Wigwams are young trees bent in the shape of a home. This is adaption to there environment by using the trees to make shelter when you are surrounded by a woodland environment. These Wigwams functioned as a shelter for the Native American tribes.

Alexa M. P-1
8/26/2011 15:55:15

In the Native American Southeast region, deerskin clothing and accessories were found. These were made by using the skin of deer that had been hunted. They were used like modern clothing and were decorated with shells and stones. This shows that the Southeast people adapted to their environment and made clothes based on the materials they had. In this case, the materials happened to be deer.

Braylee H. P-2
8/26/2011 16:22:21

In the Southeast Region log houses were found. The Southeast Region was located in the forest leaving it very easy for citizens to build houses.The main structure of the house was tree branches but they also had a leaf covering.Sharp sticks were used to cut down the tree branches. The use of wood made it very easy to adapte to this enviroment.

Nico M. P4
8/26/2011 16:27:38

In the Northwest coast region, seal bone and skin tools were found. Seal skins were inflated as flotation devices for the Indians houses. Seal bone spears with barbs were used to hunt fish. Seal skin was also used as clothing to keep warm and covered the houses.

kristinc. p-1
8/26/2011 16:42:41

I chose the north west coast.The North Western Coast hunts many animals including seals. When the native americans catch the seals they use something called a harpoon. When the native americans make the harpoon they make the top part out of bone so it is sharper and harder.Then the bottom would have a long rope attatched to the bottom so they dont loose their weapons and prey. This shows adaptations because it makes hunting easier and provides food sources.:)

Laraisa P. period1
8/26/2011 17:07:09

In the Great Plains,Natives survived off of natural resources. They wore deerskins,and hunted wild animals and they croped beans,nuts,and berries.They lived in houses built parcially into the ground called mounds. The mounds were made up of grass,mud,dirt and any loose leves.This cultural region shows adaptation because the Natives living in the area survived off of natural resources such as-river salmon, scavenging and wearing buffalo skin clothing.

Jordan N p.4.
8/26/2011 17:47:40

In the Eastern Woodlands the native Americans many of the natural resourses provided like. They wore buffalo capes and deerskin. They hunted wild animals to surive.But one of the main resoures was wood. The native Americans in that time really depended onn wood the built there houses out of wood and utencils. This showes adaptation to cultural region by saying that the Native Americans could not surive without wood or meat or water. thanks too the natural resourses we were able too adpt and move on too better things.

Zhenee R. P4 ps
8/26/2011 17:49:26

Zhenee R. P4
8/26/2011 18:25:03

The great basin made due with what they had. Their region was dry because it was a desert. They made clothes out of rabbit hides. They made a net to Chase ducks into and collect their eggs. That's how the native americans in the great basin adapted

Anna G.4
8/27/2011 13:19:09

Anna G.4
8/27/2011 13:53:30

The firs american indians in the plateau region adapted to their enviroment by making pit house that were burried in the ground so they can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. tis house was usally made from there surroundings like wood, reeds or dirt.

morgan.murray p.1
8/28/2011 13:22:51

southwest,they southwest was very hard to adaped to because it was a very dry climate.they mostly ate corn and there clothes where animale fur.I think it had to be very hard to live there because it was rocky and dry and couldnt produce food.

Ravn S P3
9/5/2011 06:17:12


In the great plains they had buffalo. The buffalo were killed a lot of the time. They were eaten to get their fur. When they skinned and ate the bufffalo they used thier bones as sticks to attack rocks and make tools, such as hoes and spears.

Gillian G p.4
9/8/2011 14:34:58

In the California region, the antlers of deer or elk might have been found.The people of the California region used them to strip slabs of bark off of trees. These tools came in handy when building shelter. Their shelter was made from redwood bark and was shaped into a cone.

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