Mrs. Wykstra - 8th Grade Social Studies

 I am excited for the 2011 -2012 school year.  This will be my 12th year teaching history at Fountain Middle School.  History has always been a passion of mine because its lessons affect our daily lives.  History is the key to our past that can open the doors to our future.  It helps to explain why we are here, how we think, and how we can create better solutions to future problems.  I am looking forward to a great year!

This year we will be studying U.S. History from the Revolutionary War through Reconstruction.  Along the way we'll cover topics such as U.S. government, westward expansion, the Civil War, and the Oregon Trail.  As we study the past, we will apply many of the events to modern day issues.  This class adheres to the Colorado Education Department's State Standards, and will also work to support the language arts department's reading and writing programs.


TCI Textbook

History Alive Textbook

We are excited to have a new Social Studies Textbook called History Alive by TCI (Teacher’s Curriculum Institute).  History Alive is much more than a new textbook it is filled with fun activities, great historical inquiry questions, and a plethora of activities that will help make history come to life.  In addition to the textbook for the classroom, our school district has purchased the on-line textbook for student use.  To access the on-line textbook follow these directions, save the site to your computer as a favorite, and take advantage of this new educational tool.

1.      Web Site-  (Search for learntci)
2.      Login
                Teacher E-mail-
                Login- jwykstra(#)
                Password- trojans
Once logged in, you can click on any chapter and each chapter has several sections you can read as well as valuable tools you can use.  The textbook will be useful in completing homework assignments, catching up from missed class time due to absences, studying for tests and quizzes, or extended absences. 

History Blog

 Every week, starting the week of August 22, you will be expected to blog a response to the prompt I have posted on this site.  Simply click on the link, then after reading the prompt, click on the comment button to get started.  You must leave your first name, last initial and period number so that I know who you are.  Please do NOT post your full name as this is a public website.  Your post must be 4-8 good complete sentences and have appropriate grammar and mechanics.  Remember your response is public and should always be school appropriate.  Happy Blogging!

"It is history that teaches us hope." - General Lee.